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by Sissi Rada

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shower with tears black tears for mascara macaroni and tears cheers- beers he hears my fears? please No view, no you and the pillow is all wet Macaroni and tears means-screams inject my ears, please grizzly bears on my hairs white martinis macaroni and tears kills bills and Britney Spears spend my money on you only you are cheap macaroni and tears beards queers and broken steers come back darling I am crying Sorrow never left my bed come back darling please come home müsli with tears crüsli with no gravity macaroni and tears chills-thrills why don't I die die darn that dream dream of you is all I do macaroni and tears weeks-years that's all I do
Sunday 02:43
Kids on bikes in big front yards maybe I am too old for that one time lovers wake up hard and eat naked like detectives You look good Fuck I won't say it Cause it's Sunday lets go sunscate Or -play ping pong I will cry from tomorrow On Monday one day after that they still don't love you and they are not ashamed On Monday seven days before that you do us a favor and fall in love Edges buildings join your foottoes city is a true ideal Nobody wants it to end What time is it? Tv Show! I am jealous but I am better on the only day that church looks cool -mum smiles food- she will cry kiss her now
Clouds 03:41
Planes fly through my bodies Landscapes of pillow mass I project big shadows meadows create darkness Planes fly through my bodies echoes of red mystique I project big shadows hello! no pain at all Milk balls in cold water that's how it feels when a plane is in you that's how it feels
Elevator 04:52
Take me high never let me down Where I am there's a stable sound Iron ceiling diamond golden door Could it be a dream shiny white cream Push the button 1,2,3,4 I am high Take him high never let him down Take me there where you left him high Where we are there's a bright light that will keep us tight
Little white boat You record the sea And on the sun's golden line every afternoon you climb proud Little white boat I have the fisherman's hat on my lap and the fish he catches move for a little while till they die proud Little white boat You can balance well Look! You can cook the salt I took And then proud tell the dolphins where to crowd proud Little white boat From the fisherman's nets You see needleworks and sunsets you will never never rest Little white boat Touch my ear- the wind I hear and your breath my dear- are you there? Proud?
Judy Garland 04:18
How can I forget the boy next door Meet me in St.Louis Hop hop hop went the wheels Stop stop stop went my heart strings Somewhere over the rainbow you saw, you saw the rain I am as cool as a cucumber but you're shaking like I don't know what I don't know a word that rhymes with coronel just as long as it is infernal
Your Laptop 06:41
there is someone who knows you more than anyone Your laptop It knows her and him and them and these, us Your laptop There is someone who sleeps with you every night Your laptop It touches you First and last/ your hands/ where do I stand? Your laptop Underneath your fingertips On your stable knees it is Once you shed a tear how weird Was it me, online, surreal? 'Love and love...” There is someone who knows your thoughts before we do. Your laptop Where did you go and where should you be before you leave You laptop
Batman 03:36
το μαύρο σου κεφάλι το θυμάμαι απο μικρή στη σχολική μου τσάντα και σ' ένα μπλουτζίν Ω Μπάτμαν ω μπαμπά... τώρα που είμαι μεγάλη έφυγες, δε σ' έχω δει κάποιοι γύρω μου σου μοιάζουν μα στ΄αλήθεια πια κανείς
Seirinas 07:21
Γιατί δε σε φίλησα εκεί στο κλαμπ ? Ήσουν τόσο μόνος σου εκεί στην καρέκλα σου. Ήθελες ? Τα γυαλιά σου προστάτευαν τα μάτια σου. Ακουμπούσαν τα μάγουλα σου. Τι τυχερά... Η καρέκλα σου σε κρατούσε σταθερό. Τα χερούλια ένωναν τα χέρια σου με τη γη. Το μαξιλάρι απολάμβανε το βάρος σου. Και γω δε σε φίλησα. Κακοντυμένοι γύρω σου χόρευαν. Διατάραζαν τη θλιμμένη σου ηρεμία. Τα ποτά ήταν ακριβά. Οι πορτιέρηδες κοντοί και άσχημοι. Εσύ ήσουν ο μόνος αληθινός, ψεύτικα ήρεμος πάνω στην καρέκλα. Και γω δε σε φίλησα. Και συ δε με φίλησες. Αλλά δε με νοιάζει. Δεν έχει σημασία. Εγώ έμαθα. Έμαθα την επόμενη φορά που θα σε δω να κάθεσαι θλιμμένα σε μια καρέλα στο κλαμπ, εγώ να σε φιλήσω. Και ας μη με αγαπάς. Κι ας είσαι ψεύτικος. Τώρα ακούγονται σειρήνες παράφωνες Κόκκινα και μπλε φώτα αναβοσβήνουν Άνθρωποι τρέχουν να σε σώσουν Και ούτε πια η καρέκλα δε σε κρατάει Ομίχλη από το παράθυρό μου Το στιζκεικ μπροστά σου είναι πικρό. Τα μάτια ενός παιδιού φαίνονται πονηρά και ένα ζιγκολό κοκκινίζει απο ντροπή. Όταν κοιτάς το πάτωμα σκάνε πίσω σου πυροτεχνήματα, Τα κουμπιά του παντελονιού σου αν ήταν γάτες θα γουργούριζαν. Το πουκάμισό σου αν ήταν λουλούδι θα άνθιζε. Αν ήσουν δώρο θα ήσουν ένα μικρό βελούδινο κουτάκι που δεν ανοίγει. Δωρικός θα ήταν ο τρόπος σου στη μουσική. Τροπικό το κλίμα μέσα στο κλαμπ. Είχες ένα τρόπο να μη με κοιτάς. Αυτός δίπλα μου που μου μίλαγε ήταν πιο όμορφος από σένα αλλά η λέξη όμορφος θα πάρει άλλο νόημα, όταν θα πεθάνεις. Όμορφη θα είναι πάντα για μένα η εικόνα σου στην καρέκλα στο κλαμπ, άπραγος, ψεύτικος, περνώντας τις τελευταίες σου ώρες κοντά μου απο μακριά. Όμορφος θα είναι ο θάνατος σου.
Sousourada 04:59
a little bird under my bed sings my love for you That you will never hear from me A little bird outside my door tweets that you're not coming and then flies to a hill away All the birds above you too ti to ta ti to sing my everlasting love Look all the birds above you too ti to ta ti to will breathe my love forever love


Sissi Rada presents her debut album “Pragma”, due for release in November 2016.

It took two years to compose and produce “Pragma”, which is the answer to her self released split EP “Personae”, released in 2013. The recordings took place in Berlin and Athens with her permanent collaborator and producer, Max Trieder. The album features guest appearances from artists who have contributed in many ways to the identity of SIssi Rada: Camerata Athens Quartet, Sergiu Nastaza (solo violin), Niklas Lutterbach (soundscape) and Florian Bitzer, Sebastian Meyer and Constanze Trieder (wind instruments).

This thematic album is an attempt to highlight the sensitivity of the things that surround us. It deals with the universal word "pragma" and its various uses and delves into the psychic bond of modern man with symbols, symbolism and referentiality. Bilingual lyrics underline the multi-culture of the times and the common words our unisexual root. Music-wise, it is hard to describe the sound of Sissi Rada for the reason that pop, electronic and classical elements blend in a unique way to create an equally unique genre.

Out on LP, CD and digital album via Inner Ear.


released November 25, 2016


Sissi Makropoulou: composition, lyrics, harp, voice
Maximiliam Trieder: composition, guitar, bass, keys, production
Tom Krause: drums

Guest Musicians:
- Athens Camerata's Quartet, Constanze Trieder - flute (track 1)
- Florian Bitzer - trombone, Sebastian Meyer - trumpet (track 2)
- Athens Laurentiu Quartet , Sergiu Nastasa - 1st violin, Otilia Atilei - 2nd violin, Laurentius Matarasu - viola, Christopher Humphrey - cello (track 4)
- Niklas Lutterbach - soundscape (track 6)
- Sergiu Nastasa - violin, Constanze Trieder – blockflute and a real musician wren (track 10)

Produced and Mixed by Maximilian Trieder @ dasher, Berlin
Drums recorded @ Emil-Berliner-Studios, Berlin
Strings recorded @ the New Fab Liquid studio, Athens
Mastered by Henning Birkenhake @ Eastside Mastering, Berlin

Artwork by Michalis Paraskakis


all rights reserved



Sissi Rada Berlin, Germany

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